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International Observatory for Documentation of Human Rights Violations

The Observatory is a member of the International Organization for Human Rights and International Law

After the human rights defender has become directly targeted for his legitimate human rights activities, particularly in the hot spots of the world where the most unjust and unjust human rights violations occur, as well as the dictatorial regimes that openly practice the policy of mouths and restrictions on freedoms and the media and is working to mobilize activists and opinion-makers in the prisons on various charges for the purpose of how many mouths arbitrarily, especially in some police states where human rights activists often suffer from persecution, intimidation and intimidation.

In light of these violations, popped up the urgent need for the establishment of a non-governmental and independent human rights body, not only contributes to documenting and documenting human rights, but also to the be voice of human rights defenders in cyberspace and media platforms, and to make the issue of monitoring and documentation an initial step for the manufacture of international public opinion against these violations and the mobilization of mechanisms of international law and international humanitarian law, to light up those violations in order to stop them, or at least to limit it, and that is our mission at the International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations.

Who are we

1. The Basic Observatory's reference is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the legal means are in compliance with its functions.
2. The headquarters of the main observatory in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is entitled to select active members, coordinators, delegates, envoys and representatives of the world.
3. The Observatory is an independent international non-governmental center with an independent moral and financial personality and is established in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country of residence.
4. The Observatory shall also have the right to have regional and sub-offices in any country and shall be licensed according to the system of the State in which it operates.

The International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations is an independent Argentine international center working as a non-governmental and non-profit organization for the defense of human rights. It was founded on 10 December 2015. The Observatory is headquartered in Argentina and we are a group of interested and committed to the protection of human rights, in all countries of the world, especially in the Arab countries where the defenders are there for the most direct targeting campaigns.

We monitor the human rights situation in the world, alert to and criticize violations. We issue and disseminate press releases and reports on a wide range of rights and media in order to shed light on these violations of human rights wherever they exist. We cooperate with human rights organizations within the Arab world and the world in line with our goals and aspirations. To a world of democracy, freedom, justice, equality and respect for human rights and dignity.

The Observatory is not only monitoring and documenting but also collaborating with a large network of human rights defenders in countries where the defender can not appear in his or her legal personality for fear of being arrested or targeted. We work to disseminate news and reports about documented violations through the Observatory's platform, To exert pressure on stakeholders and influential countries to take action that would push for improved humanitarian conditions and put an end to human rights violations in the region.

We seek to influence and pressure governments and international bodies to establish the rules of international law, investigate violations and hold perpetrators to account in order to put an end to the policy of impunity and to support and compensate the victims materially and morally.

The International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations is an extension and complement to the world's human rights defenders and a voice for all free and opinion activists in the world. We work in a strategy to ensure cooperation and networking with all human rights defenders in the world.

The Observatory aims to promote, develop and protect human rights in the world by:

- Enhancing the role of institutions, organizations and members to contribute to the protection of human rights in Arab countries and the countries of the world and respect them and support and defend human rights in the world through providing assistance and consultation in all possible ways and available through procedural channels, communication and coordination with national human rights institutions and civil society institutions in the world. Which serve the same goals.

- To develop and disseminate awareness of the human rights culture through dissemination, education and training for all segments of the society in cooperation and networking with civil society organizations, citizens and individuals on all rights listed in the International Bill of Human Rights and to promote and deepen democratic understanding and awareness of social, economic, cultural and political rights, citizenship and all rights guaranteed by charters and laws International.

- Encouraging governments and regulations to accede to international and regional conventions on human rights and to contribute to the implementation of and activities aimed at promoting respect for the international obligations of governments and States to international and regional human rights conventions.
are active.

- Supporting the work of institutions, organizations and human rights defenders in the framework of regional and international cooperation and highlighting and encouraging support for the universal principles of human rights as enshrined in all international conventions, especially in the Geneva Conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Barcelona Declaration and all international conventions, protocols and instruments adopted by the General Assembly Of the United Nations, and to raise awareness of these principles among the public and in all States on whose territory the members of the Organization are active.

- Urge States and Governments to interact with international and regional human rights treaty bodies.
- Promote, support and coordinate the efforts of Observatory members and individuals working in the field of human rights, advocacy of the rule of law, human rights, equality between men and women, the teaching and defense of human rights principles and the creation of a unified platform for all members of the Organization worldwide.
- Preparation and implementation of studies, reports and training programs for the above.
- Awarding honorary awards and shields to human rights defenders and legal persons who have made humanitarian contributions to promote the human rights march in general.
- Follow-up and continuous evaluation of human rights and public freedoms in all countries of the world and provide all forms of assistance against violations of human rights through technical support, as well as establishing appropriate mechanisms, if necessary, such as sending observers, committees and fact-finding missions.
- Encourage the establishment and promotion of institutions and youth and human rights centers in accordance with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Defenders and provide them with advice and expertise.
- Follow up and overcome the obstacles resulting from the new challenges in the field of human rights and help local institutions and organizations to raise the capacities of their members and members.
- Organizing seminars, conferences, workshops and issuing publications of all kinds and using all means of disseminating information related to the above (non-periodic publications, books, reports, brochures, posters, websites).

Founder and Director General of the International Observatory for Documentation of Human Rights Violations
Dr. Abdelazez Tarakji


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