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Report on the reality of the attack on a Syrian refugee camp in the town of Arsal in Lebanon

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Report on the reality of the attack on a Syrian refugee camp in the town of Arsal in Lebanon

The main points of the report for lighting are:

Joint forces of the Lebanese army and Hezbollah organization storm the Syrian refugee camp in Arsal and expect destruction and destruction in addition to the practice of gross violations of human rights
Twenty Syrian refugees were killed, 320 others arrested, a campaign of intimidation, intimidation, insults and assaults were documented
Forcible concealment of 20 refugees believed to be under investigation by Hezbollah while others in the custody of Lebanese military intelligence are under investigation and severe torture
Ten Syrian refugees were killed under torture in Lebanese military intelligence centers after being held alive and in good health
Justifying some Lebanese media institutions to torture and arrests and describing the activists and human rights institutions in the ugliest expressions by politicians close to the organization of Hezbollah with open and explicit threats aimed at the security of human rights defenders in Lebanon.

On Friday, June 30, 2017, the Lebanese army launched a security operation that is considered the largest and most violent since the beginning of the events in Syria targeting a number of Syrian refugee camps in the Lebanese Bekaa region. The operation resulted in the arrest of more than 320 Syrian refugees and killing twenty, including a child, , the Lebanese army leadership and some Lebanese media said that they belong to "terrorist organizations"

"While human rights activists and special sources of the Observatory said that members of Hezbollah participated in the Lebanese army's" regiment regiment "in the security operation that targeted the" Nur and Qariya "camps for Syrian refugees in the Arsal border area. They began the campaign of arrests and trampling, intimidation and vandalism. And the shooting of all the refugees in those camps. The photographs showed army elements and others believed to be from Hezbollah trampling the refugees and carrying out acts contrary to human dignity.

According to information received by the observatory, more than 320 individuals, including 36 women, 158 from Al-Nour refugee camp, including 18 women and 148 from Al Qariya camp, including 15 women and 20 from the Da'eebs compound, In addition to raiding some houses inhabited by refugees in various areas in the Bekaa. The information confirms the arrest of an unspecified number of Syrian refugees, and that most of those arrested were transferred to the interrogation barracks of the military intelligence of the Lebanese army, confirming our information about the exposure of a large number of them Severe torture during the investigation, while 20 others were transferred to an unknown destination believed to be under investigation by MAC The secret of the organization of Hezbollah.

The Lebanese Army and the novel "The Five Bombers"

In the official version of the Lebanese government, the Lebanese National Information Agency issued a statement to the leadership of the Lebanese army command, in which it justified the process of abusing the Syrian refugees. He said that the campaign was aimed at controlling armed elements and required among the refugees. For five "suicide" attacks while combing the refugee camps in Arsal.

A military statement issued by the army said: "During an army search of the Nur refugee camp for displaced Syrians in the town of Arsal, a suicide bomber detonated himself by an explosive belt in front of a raid patrol, killing him and wounding three soldiers were not seriously injured, Then three other suicide bombers to blow themselves up without casualties in the ranks of the military,
Terrorists detonated an explosive device, while the army forces seized four explosive devices intended for detonation, the work of the military expert to detonate immediately in their places.

On the other hand, while another army force was conducting an inspection of the Syrian refugee camp in the same area, one of the terrorists blew himself up with an explosive belt without causing injuries to the military. Another terrorist threw a grenade at a patrol wounding four soldiers lightly.

The local sources did not confirm the occurrence of any suicide attack in that camp, but it was confirmed the killing of a Syrian girl in her tent hit by the vehicles of the Lebanese army and stated that it is from the village of "Ras Maara" in the Qalamoun district of the countryside of Damascus, but the leadership of the Lebanese army issued a statement followed by the previous statement claimed In which the girl was killed by the suicide of one of the suicide bombers himself in the family of the victim! .

On the other hand, photographs of the camps that were raided by the Lebanese army and scenes of destruction and destruction were shown in it. Eyewitnesses said that this was the result of the storming of the vehicles. Other pictures showed dozens of detainees who were arrested while lying on the ground and facing them in the dirt and gravel, their hands tied behind their backs under the sun Despite the high temperature rise, in addition to pictures of a number of Syrian detainees with a mechanism of the Lebanese army stoned, and on their backs traces of torture and other pictures showing elements of the army and others believed to be from Hezbollah's organization are carrying out degrading acts of human dignity by writing on detainees' heads and bodies for the purpose of entertainment and abuse.

Deaths of detainees under torture and army leadership claim that death is a result of chronic health problems

The Lebanese Army Command issued a press release on 04/7/2017 in which it said: Following the pre-emptive security operation carried out by the army units in the camps of Arsal, which resulted in the killing of four suicide bombers preparing for security operations inside Lebanon

A number of wanted persons involved in the planning and preparation of the aforementioned operations were arrested. At the regular medical examination conducted by the medical body in the army under the supervision of the competent judiciary, a number of them were found to have chronic health problems that had been reacted as a result of climatic conditions. Before the start of interrogation, but their health conditions worsened and led to the death of each of the Syrians: Mustafa Abdel Karim Abssa, Khalid Hussein al-Mulais, Anas Hussein al-Husseiki, and Othman Meri al-Mulais, according to a statement of the army leadership.

While human rights and field sources revealed that ten detainees were killed under torture after being arrested by the Lebanese army.
The sources said that the Lebanese mayor of Arsal received a request from the Lebanese army to receive the bodies of seven Syrian detainees who were liquidated under torture after being arrested from the camps of Nur and Qariya in the military security campaign mentioned in this report. The bodies of the Syrian detainees are now in hospitals in Baalbek and Zahle , while three bodies were thrown in the area of Jarod Arsal were said to be armed terrorists killed during battles with the Lebanese army.

According to our field sources, the names of the refugees killed under torture intended by the Lebanese Military Intelligence are: Brothers Radwan Mohammed Al-Issa (25 years), Safwan Mohammed Al-Issa (25 years), Marwan Mohammed Al-Issa (21 years)
And the nurse in the camps of Arsal "Anas Hussein al-Husseiki (35 years)"
Shaker Mohammed, ( 22 years )Bakri Al-Nasser (26 years ) and his brother Osman al-Nasser (28 years),
According to their age and information, they were found to be in good health before being arrested

Justifying some Lebanese media institutions to torture and arrests and describing activists and human rights institutions in the ugliest expressions by politicians close to Hezbollah organization with public and explicit threats aimed at the security of human rights defenders in Lebanon

Since the beginning of the campaign and the spread of videos and photographs through social networking sites and some Lebanese media are trying to acquit the army of the process of liquidating Syrian detainees, in addition to trying to convince the public opinion of the accounts launched by some officials in the Lebanese government in addition to the campaigns of defamation and defamation of human rights activists and human rights organizations that criticized violations Human Rights and called on the army leadership and the Lebanese government to conduct credible, transparent and controlled investigations by official human rights organizations in Lebanon.

However, the calls of human rights organizations have been met with escalation and intimidation. A leader of the Lebanese parties and a close associate of Hezbollah has issued a dangerous statement threatening and threatening human rights defenders. He said literally: "Anyone who deals with the army's actions, whether Lebanese or non-Lebanese, of the jugglers of human rights organizations."

The sources also confirmed to us that some Lebanese satellite channels are receiving strict instructions from security and partisan bodies not to publish any human rights statements about what happened to the Syrian detainees, and not to host any human rights activist, while opening its doors to those who launch threats against human rights defenders and work to justify acts Violence, torture and violations under the name of combating terrorism.


The town of Arsal hosts about 120,000 Syrian refugees scattered over houses in the town, along with a large number of camps. The town of Arsal is one of Lebanon's most prominent anti-Hezbollah policies.

The number of Syrian refugees fleeing the war to Lebanon has exceeded one and a half million and live in difficult humanitarian conditions, while security forces and the Lebanese army carry out daily arrests of refugees on charges of "entering the country illegally" or terrorism-related charges, at times, according to numerous documents, terrorism is being fabricated through some military checkpoints, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has reported that some 70% of Syrian refugees in Lebanon live below the poverty line, while Lebanese government officials benefit from Syrian refugees' presence financially by receiving aid and grants from major countries under the pretext of refugee relief Syrians, while in fact does not reach that refugee any type of assistance, but the addition of high amounts and fees in the event he wanted to renew his identity papers or settle the status of residency in Lebanon, with the deliberate and deliberate failure of the Lebanese government to settle the situation of the Syrian refugees and organize their affairs. On the other hand, the overcrowding of the number of refugees in Lebanon caused serious harm to the Lebanese citizen in terms of the cessation of public works and low wages and high prices. The situation while there are officials in the Lebanese state benefit from this status quo.

Observatory position and recommendations

The International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations strongly condemns the unjustified acts of violence, torture and arbitrary arrests of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. We affirm the condemnation of terrorist acts in all its forms. We bear the primary and last responsibility for what has happened and we are calling upon the Government of Lebanon to fulfill its international obligations to protect human rights. , And assume its legal, political and humanitarian responsibilities towards refugees and stipulated in treaties, conventions and international laws,

In addition to the Lebanese government demand that we provide the necessary protection to the Syrian refugee communities in Lebanon and organize their situation until they return home. We remind the Lebanese government that this is the duty it has committed to the international community.

We also call on the Lebanese government to work to provide shelter for displaced families whose tents, belongings and possessions have been destroyed, to immediately release detainees arbitrarily and to reveal the fate of missing persons, to fight the discourse of hatred and racism against the Syrian refugee in Lebanon and to abide by the charters that protect the dignity of civilians Wherever they are.

We reiterate our call on the Government of Lebanon to abide by the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and to stop all forms of torture in all security centers and departments of the Lebanese Ministry of Interior.

We also call on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to provide protection and control of the camps and gatherings of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon in cooperation with the Lebanese government and to provide assistance and assistance to them until their return to their homes.

We call upon the leadership of the Lebanese army to initiate wide and transparent investigations under the supervision of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Lebanon and to take evidence and evidence from human rights organizations that have documented the military and political elements and officers belonging to military parties

Serious violations of human rights that may rise to crimes against humanity and to ensure that those elements within the military are not punished for their involvement in these heinous violations which cannot be justified or accepted under any pretext. At the same time, we affirm our rejection of all terrorist acts and condemn any terrorist act aimed at The Lebanese military establishment, which has long been respected by all factions in Lebanon, is responsible for leading the army to speed up the accountability of all those involved and re-correcting the right course of the Lebanese army in protecting citizens rather than suppressing them. Regardless of their nationality. On the other hand, we recall that not all Syrian refugees are terrorists. Terrorism has no religion or identity, and the fight against terrorism is not done by terrorizing civilians who have fled their homes.

We also call upon the leadership of the Lebanese army to stop all kinds of torture in the centers of the military intelligence in all Lebanese regions, in addition to the arrests of moods exercised by elements and officers of the military intelligence service

As for Hezbollah's leadership, we strongly condemn their involvement in many security issues affecting the security and safety of citizens in Lebanon and the latest involvement in the attack on Syrian refugees. We call on them immediately to stop the hostilities and release all detainees in their security enclaves and to reveal the fate of missing persons. And to bring to justice those who took part in those battles and other battles that targeted civilians in Lebanon and Syria to the Lebanese judiciary, these acts which are considered outside the law and which classify acts of hostility by groups affiliated with the Hezbollah organization with acts of terrorism cannot be accepted.

International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations

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Thursday, July 6, 2017
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